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December 30, 2008
Closed Sales

American Motorsports – Chandler, Arizona

Our client was given a limited time frame to move his business to avoid interrupting his services, due to a pending redevelopment into a RV & Boat Storage, on the property where our client operated his automotive repair shop. Our client requested to stay within a five mile radius of his current location in order to retain his current client base. Given the limited time frame and geographical restraints, locating suitable replacement properties, to either lease or buy, proved to be a challenging task.

Our team searched through multiple property listing databases and physically sought out like-kind properties to help locate the client an appropriate facility for his business. The client decided to try and purchase a property to avoid having to move again and our team put the client in touch with a mortgage broker. After numerous inquiries and diligent searching, offers were made on two properties simultaneously.

With a property in an ideal location that was acquirable within the time frame requirements of our client’s automotive repair shop, an offer was accepted. The mortgage broker was able to secure a SBA loan for our client, allowing him to purchase the property that his business now resides in. While in escrow, our team provided the client with vendor referrals from our network to assist with their due diligence and renovations plans. The client was very pleased that he is now in a location where his business will be able to operate out of for as long as he wishes.