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June 26, 2012
Market Monitor

Are You A Real Seller?

Looking back at the first 6 months of 2012, there is no doubt that the real estate transaction market has improved significantly, and along with it, the pressure to overprice properties has increased. This is due primarily to the two most critical factors that affect a fluid transaction market; the ability to finance an acquisition and the buyer’s and seller’s perception of fear or greed in the market. With more than 50,000 self storage properties around the country, there is bound to be an owner who is contemplating parting with their beloved facility on a daily basis. However, we have learned that there is a material difference between “thinking about selling” and becoming an actual seller. Eventually, almost everyone will end up being a seller and it is a matter of when that concerns most owners. Thinking through the following factors will help you determine how close you are to becoming a real seller which will help maximize your investment’s return...