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April 23, 2013
Market Monitor

Professional Guidance: More Valuable Than You Think

Spring is upon us and so are new opportunities in the self-storage real estate business. Over the years we have experienced the peaks and valleys of the real estate cycle and it is apparent today that we are certainly on the way up, if not at the top. This has allowed many owners, investors and self-storage professionals to enjoy the benefits of the rising real estate values. However, it has occurred to me that many owners and investors simply don’t understand what value a broker brings to a transaction when they are buying or selling a self-storage property. This misunderstanding has cost self-storage owners and investors millions of dollars as they have tried to save a few thousand dollars by not engaging a professional self-storage broker. Obviously this statement is self-serving, but I think you will find the points made below valuable as you consider your representation with regard to self-storage transactions…