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September 27, 2012
Closed Sales

Self Storage And RV Storage – Black Canyon City, Arizona

This self storage and RV storage property was located in a tertiary market, just outside of the Phoenix Metropolitan area situated on three different parcels, separated by a T-intersection. Our client was the original owner/ developer and had built each phase at different times using different building methods, the oldest of which, was functionally obsolete. The client sought out the expertise of our self storage team to help them capture the highest exit value possible.

Because of our self storage team’s depth of experience in the asset type, we were able to fully underwrite and clarify both actual value and implied value of the asset. We began by positioning the asset to investors in it’s most attractive light and prospected through the large pool of investors in our database. Our team marketed the property through both our online and traditional channels and were able to specifically target owners of assets in similar markets. Within the first couple months of being on the market, we received significantly more offers than the owner was able to generate during the previous eighteen month period with it listed “For Sale by Owner”.

By generating multiple offers for our client, he was put into a favorable position where our team was able to successfully negotiate a sale. The seller was happy with the price they received, and the buyer was happy with the asset that continues to improve to this day.

“Jeff Gorden’s performance exceeded our expectations. His attention to details and communication of the process was especially helpful, first with the marketing of the property and then during the sale.”