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August 26, 2011
Market Monitor

What’s Next For Self-Storage?

The economic and political roller coaster of the last month has been devastating not only to the stock market but also to the overall investment market, including commercial real estate. The fear and greed that motivates investors to take positions either to protect their investments in uncertain times or capitalize on what they perceive as opportunity has been frozen by the overall volatility in the market over the last month. The distinct difference between fear and greed is that fear hits you like a runaway train and is almost instant, whereas greed is slow moving and takes hold over a period of time. Given the extreme volatility of the market over the last several weeks, it would be more appropriate to put an exact date and time on this article as we are receiving conflicting information that is pulling the investment climate in several different directions, but the analysis below is our best estimation of the current and future prospects for self-storage…